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I help social media managers transform their business in 90 days by teaching and helping them implement my FAIRY Method.

Bianca Tatum
Hey girl!

I’m Bianca

My mission is to package your skills, services & superpowers into a profitable reality.

I’ve assisted countless female entrepreneurs in building successful service-based businesses & distinctive personal brands that get them paid.


By giving them the tools and assets they need to accelerate their vision & capture their desired audience.

I offer social media training, business strategy & visual branding packages uniquely tailored to help you make a winning – and lasting – impression.


What type of social media manager are you?

Discover your strengths as a social media manager…

…learn what you should be focusing on in the current phase of your business and discover the support you need to grow to the next level.

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Social Media Fairy School

The Social Media Fairy School is a 12-week group coaching program designed to help both thriving and struggling social media managers unlock their next level in business.

Bianca Tatum
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Whether you’re wanting to leverage social media, cultivate community with your marketing or map out brand promotion strategies…

…here is where I share tutorials, frameworks, and insights to push you forward on the journey to transforming your business.

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