Bianca Tatum Creative

Helping women create profitable realities by providing them with the tools to implement their brilliant ideas and present the best version of themselves to the world.

Bianca Tatum Creative, LLC is a boutique-style consulting agency that specializes in personal branding strategy, social media marketing, and business development for service-based businesses. I teach entrepreneurs how to build and grow a trustworthy brand that gets them paid.

Get to Know Me

When I’m not working with fabulous girl bosses, you can catch me indulging in me-time by dabbling in fun natural hair and skincare practices. My idea of a peaceful afternoon? Give me a good read or a good album, and I’m good to go! Self-care keeps me refreshed and ready to handle business. Ultimately, I love pouring into others and extending grace and the space to grow, hence the birth of Bianca Tatum Creative. I operate with the belief that all women deserve to live their best life and experience the fruits of their labor in peace. Join me on this journey, sis!

My Promise

You already possess the brilliance and vision needed to transform your business.

Gaining clarity, confidence, and a framework to package your brilliance into an irresistible offer will be a game-changer for you.

Bianca Tatum
What I Do
My signature services deliver the right solutions you need to establish a captivating brand, upgrade your systems, skyrocket your authority, and reel in high-quality clients.

I’ll help to position you for long term growth and success. You’ll boldly show up for the people that God has assigned to you, sparking a ripple effect of growth, confidence, and success.

My goal is to create a space for fellow womenpreneurs to discover their professional superpowers and walking in their purpose. I strive to cultivate a tribe of women that are building and growing trustworthy brands that get them paid.

My Values

Bianca Tatum Creative was birthed on the foundation of three key brand pillars that I put first in every project connected to my business.


Client Focus

YOU come first. Your vision and your development as a rising entrepreneur are important to me. My focus is to give you the BEST of the best that I can offer to help you succeed.



Not only do I provide tools that will help you develop a trustworthy brand, but I strive to build the trust of my brand’s audience in everything I offer. I make it a top priority to work with integrity.



I am committed to helping you define or find your “why.” Everything I do flows from purpose — my clients will rest assured that there is a clear intention behind all we do.

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