Grow a profitable social media management business in 90 days.


Learn the skills, strategies, systems & tools it takes to become a thriving social media manager.

Hey girl, are you tired of:


  • Undercharging for your services because you struggle to communicate the value you provide as a social media manager?

  • Working with clients who feel entitled to you 24/7 because you have NO boundaries?

  • Drowning in client work because you have no organizational systems?
Bianca Tatum

For many small business owners, social media is a  BEAST that feels nearly impossible to slay.  

You know there’s a solution for these small business owners in need — a BOMB social media manager capable of delivering the right social media marketing solutions they need to position their brand for long-term growth and success online. 

YOU are their solution. 

YOU are their knight in shining armor coming to SLAY their social media. 

YOU are the fairy godmother that swoops in to save the day!

But you have no clue where to begin.

Imagine being a social media manager who could:

  • Confidently charge your worth and secure long-term contracts with clients you love.
  • Understand and implement brand and social media strategies to help drive marketing goals for your clients.
  • Build and implement smooth-running processes and systems for your social media management process.

But before I tell you more, I’ve got a few questions…


  • Have you wanted to run a social media management business, but lack the technical experience?
  • Are you ready to create dependable, consistent income?
  • Are you looking to add a second stream of income with part-time remote work?
  • Are you a new solopreneur and want to take your social media management to the next level, but cannot afford to outsource just yet?
  • Are you a freelance social media manager struggling to balance your workload?

Answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions? Keep reading!

meet the

Social Media Fairy School

The Social Media Fairy School will help you unlock your social media manager superpowers.

I designed this 12-week coaching mastermind to help social media managers transform their business with hands-on training, practice exercises, video learning modules, and client templates. 

It puts everything in place for you to effectively communicate your value and attract higher-quality prospects that jump at the opportunity to work with you.

Ready to grow your social media management business?

take a peek inside

Here’s what you can expect to learn:


Process Audit

Learn & understand the 5 phases of social media management and determine which phases need improvement. 


Brand Strategy

Learn & understand brand messaging, target audience development, and brand identity.   


Social Media Strategy

Learn to approach social media with a focus on ROI using a step-by-step social media strategy.


Packaging & Pricing

Fully flesh out your service offers & price them for the true value you provide.


Processes & Systems

Learn & implement the 5 systems to seamless social media management while leveling up your client experience with a repeatable process.  


Content Creation

Learn to develop timeless content as an expert strategist that reaches multiple platforms.


Personal Brand Growth

Learn to grow your personal brand & attract quality prospects that jump at the opportunity to work with you.


Hands-On Implementation

Participate in a mock Discovery Call & Onboarding Process to give your systems and expertise a test run. 

A word from the Social Media Fairy Godmother

I’m Bianca, the founder, and CEO of Bianca Tatum Creative, a boutique-style consulting agency. I specialize in personal brand development and social media content strategy for online service providers. 

I’ve taken over six years of social media management and branding experience (as both a freelancer and a full-time role at digital marketing agencies) to train social media managers.

I developed the Social Media Fairy School to deliver the right solutions social media managers need to establish a captivating brand, upgrade their systems, skyrocket their authority & reel in high-quality clients.

Let me help you unlock your superpower as a social media manager to deliver  MAGIC to your clients consistently.

Don’t take my word for it… 

Bianca’s Social Media Fairy School elevated my skills to a level I would not have reached on my own.

She transformed my content creation process with processes and systems for organization.

Her content calendar system has been the most transformational. My clients LOVE it!

Bianca is the Social Media Fairy Godmother that granted me three wishes:

– The confidence to know my worth as a Social Media Strategist.
– An organized and professional onboarding process for clients.
– A community of like-minded, equally driven women in my industry who support and uplift each other.
If you want to upgrade your business model as a Social Media Manager you NEED to invest in Bianca’s course.

Social Media Strategist

Will you be the next success story?

What exactly are you getting inside the

Social Media Fairy School?

Video Lessons

You get lifetime access to 5 modules with over 30 self-paced video lessons. You’ll have these lessons to come back to whenever you need a refresher. 

Hands-On Training 

Get hands-on practice with a mock discovery call and content strategy session to give your systems and expertise a test run.

Client Templates

Gain access to my arsenal of material to make your life easier: an entire folder of source files, including proposal + contract, client welcome kit, brand guidelines, social media strategy, and monthly client review templates. 

Wonder if you’ll get something out of this?

I recommend The Social Media Fairy School to anyone who wants to get started in becoming a social media manager (SMM) or a SMM who wants to sharpen & take their skills to the next level!
I am a SMM with 1+ years of experience and I learned so much about core, foundational principles that have helped me exceed in my role.
This course will empower you to not only be creative but to understand your analytics and translate those numbers into stories for clients!
Bianca’s teaching style is very detailed & robust, so there is not a stone left unturned in this course.

Social Media Strategist

Ready to grow your social media management business?

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

The Social Media Fairy School is best for freelance or full-time social media managers and aspiring social media managers. Aspiring social media managers can be defined as anyone (i.e. graphic designers, marketing experts, project managers, copywriters, marketing experts) that are transitioning into full-service social media management.

What is the program format?
  • 12-week group coaching program
  • Weekly tutoring sessions via Zoom
  • Virtual course portal to access program material
  • Weekly action items
  • Virtual email support

*All tutoring sessions will be recorded

Will I have access to you outside of coaching calls?

Yes, you will be able to contact me Monday through Friday via email. As a client, I will respond within 24 hours. 

What is expected of me?

Be Coachable. This program is designed to take your expertise and brand to the next level. to do that, you will need to be open to being coached. 

Time. You need to have the capacity to dedicate at least 3-4 hours a week working on your curriculum. During the program, we hit the ground running with high-level planning. You will need to set aside time to see results. 

Winning Mindset. You must want to win in business. A winning mindset encompasses many things, but commitment, discipline, and confidence are the secret ingredients. This is not for you if you are only committed when it feels good. 

What is the cost of tuition?

The Social Media Fairy School is a $997 investment paid-in-full. 

The investment plan is 3 payments of $400 — a total of $1,200.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds for the Social Media Fairy School. By applying you are agreeing to a 90-day commitment regardless of the financing and payment option you select.

I do not issue refunds because I will not enable quitting. I believe in accountability, honoring commitments, and finishing what you start.

Do you offer anything more affordable?

The Social Media Fairy School is my only coaching offer. If you are not ready to join, I recommend purchasing my Social Media Strategy Unlocked mini-course for self-paced training on social media strategy. This offer does not include training on brand strategy, systems, or standard operating procedures. 

Ready to take the next step?

Become a Social Media Fairy today!